Frequently Asked Questions

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CloudPros is not affiliated with any vendor. We will work with you directly to understand your challenges and goals. Depending on your needs we will help you to make the right choices. The choices could vary, such as using your existing hardware and processes, migrating to google cloud platform, migrating to amazon web services, migrating to azure cloud, migrating to an openstack based public cloud, migrating to a cloudstack based public cloud, deploying openstack cloud on-premises, deploying openstack cloud in a datacenter of your choice. We will recommend various options depending on your requirements. We just want to make sure that you make the right choice which is aligned with your long term plans.

CloudPros focuses on open-source technologies and encourages the reuse of your existing hardware and resources if seen fit. CloudPros provides help on architectural design, deployment and management of OpenStack. OpenStack is free and open-source without any vendor lock-in. CloudPros helps you save money since there are no ongoing licensing costs or renewal costs. CloudPros can deploy openstack, train and empower your staff and turn the control over to you. There are no ongoing or recurring fees. You can optionally subscribe for our support and management services, but if you already have trained manpower, there may not be a need for this.

CloudPros could supports your on-premise openstack as well. What can be supported, upgraded, migrated will be based on a detail analysis of your current platform. Support can be provided in terms of management, maintenance, direct end-user(employee) support as well.

CloudPros can help rewrite/migrate your existing applications to openstack to make it cloud-ready and future-proof applying DevOps principles.


CloudPros can deploy and support openstack cloud in your own datacenter. The SLA depends on an analysis of the hardware and the platform and what needs to be supported.


CloudPros provides a fully managed openstack private cloud platform in a datacenter of your choice, or in one of our partner datacenter locations around the world

Openstack needs a lot of supporting infrastructure to run. Logging servers, memcache, elasticsearch, routers, firewalls etc. There are a lot of moving parts that usually run on controller nodes in the form of virtual machines or lxc containers. your existing hardware can be used for redundant infrastructure, as well as for demo or test tenants or as proof-of-concepts. It can also be converted as a DTAP environment for your staff to train themselves on openstack

CloudPros is formally registered as Zing GmbH in Switzerland. Zing GmbH, the parent company of CloudPros is registered as Zing GmbH in Switzerland also a sister company with

CloudPros is a subsidiary of Zing GmbH. It started in 1994  as hosting and managed web applications company. Over the years, it added support for api and web application development, offshore outsourcing, dedicated and managed servers, voip, business process outsourcing. CloudPros focuses on private and hybrid cloud consultancy and deployment. The company is privately owned and managed which ensures that business is managed with a long-term view. Same terms of service  apply as MrGoodhost, please see the following link for the details and