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CloudPros extends your IT department...

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CloudPros helps you to progress advance growsleep better

CloudPros provide you with full array of cloud services for OpenStack and Wordpress including consultation, implementation, support, training, systems integration, security,  migration, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, automation, development and custom solutions.

OpenStack Consulting

Already have OpenStack, or implementing a new one? CloudPros can assists you

OpenStack Support

Need a helping hand on a regular basis? We can support your OpenStack cloud


OpenStack Implementation

Based on your requirements, we deploy OpenStack on-premises as well.

Managed OpenStack and Wordpress

We provide fully managed private OpenStack cloud, or fast and secure Wordpress tailored to your requirements

Why CloudPros

openstack and wordpress experts

we work with openstack and wordpress 24x7

no licensing costs

we do not have licensing costs

cloud of any size

single node or thousands

worldwide support

we support customers worldwide

one stop solutions provider

we aim to be your one stop provider

reuse existing hardware

your existing hardware can be reused

focus on OpenSource

our focus is on open source software

focus on DevOps

our focus is on DevOps

and more...

We offer OpenStack in multiple datacenters in Europe, Asia and the US. You can extend or move your infrastructure to our locations as well
We can help you to integrate your existing products and workflows into OpenStack.
Each company is different, and that makes cloud deployments different as well. Once we understand your requirements, we can offer custom solutions.

OpenStack is the most popular deployed secure adopted supported cloud platform

OpenStack project is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the open standard cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds